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The #DigitalSkeptic's Deceptively Thin Guide
To Flourishing in the
Post-Information Economy


This is a book of hints and clues. Ostensibly, it’s a satchel of implements you might want to carry as you navigate the hostile Himalayas of data. Know these 125 pages, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the leverage you’ll have over information. You’ll be less overwhelmed by the heft and bulk of the data you hoe. And you’ll revel, as do I, in mocking the bad-actor information that bores and misleads us all.
If I can walk the line from Theater Major to Not-That-Sucky Data Nerd, you can too.


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  • Jonathan Blum
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  • Twitter: @digitalskeptic
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  • Address : 1214 West Boston Post #125
  • Mamaroneck, NY 10528

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